Clues starting with S

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter S. There are a total of 25362 clues that start with the letter S.

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Clue Answer # Letters
Student at the top of the honor roll 9
Show host 5
Stomp on the gas 5
Scotch's partner 4
Situation with a player at first, say 5
Spring bloom 5
Skip an epic party, say 7
Seeing red 5
Smartphone precursors, for short 4
Spice mixture 3
Spanish cat 4
Space City pro 5
Sewing kit item 5
Simu of "Barbie" 3
Sarnia's lake 5
Stomped (on) 4
State with an astronaut on its quarter 4
Send-up 6
Successor to Claudius 4
Side by side? 4
Symptoms 5
Sighed line 15
Seattle hrs. 3
Shoyu dish 5
Squad whose Double-A affiliate is the Rumble Ponies 4
Strong desires 4
Superfan 4
State capital in the Treasure Valley 5
State in northern India 5
Sky's "Breaking Bad" spouse 4

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