Clues starting with F

In this page you will find all the crossword clues that start with the letter F. There are a total of 10981 clues that start with the letter F.

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Clue Answer # Letters
False move 5
Freedom Rider's ride 3
Fictional Amelia who, when asked to remove spots from a dress, cut out all the polka dots 7
Feeds 6
Flight segment 4
French cordial flavoring 4
Former 5
Fair 5
Fish that can transform into a dragon, per Japanese legend 3
French endearment 5
Footwear sometimes decorated with charms 4
Face-to-face exam 4
Financial independence 10
Farm grunt 4
Forever and ever 4
First light 4
Fuel that typically has an octane of 91 or higher 15
Family member with a heat lamp 9
Fuel economy meas. 3
Folded egg dish 6
Female sheep 3
Fireworks show sound 4
French "his" 3
First stage in many an HGTV renovation show, informally 4
Former GM division with a globe in its logo 3
Fracas 5
Freestyle raps 6
Fooled 7
Fix 4
Fool 4

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